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We are Lakeview Paranormal. A non-profit organization located in Northeast Ohio dedicated to the research and investigation of haunted locations, paranormal activity and educating the public about ghosts and the field of the paranormal. We specialize in cases dealing with haunting’s, ghost sightings and paranormal activity occurring in homes, business or properties.

Lakeview Paranormal was organized in January of 2008 by Greg King based on two purposes. Primarily Greg organized this team to help people dealing with paranormal activity in their lives. He also would like to extend his beliefs and seek the truth within this highly controversial field. Melissa Bosley joined the team shortly after it was organized to assist in Greg’s epic journey into the darkness to find answers. Mike and Tina Hopkins recently joined the group and then John Bosley (Melissa’s husband) joined shortly after. David Ortega is our newest member to the family and we all are thrilled to have both John and David on board. Together they team up to investigate some of the most haunted locations in the State of Ohio. The evidence that they capture as well as the experiences that they all have had as individuals inspired them to search for answers and to find the truth behind the field of the paranormal. They will never consider themselves professionals. There is no such thing in this field because every team is constantly learning new things, including this team. They do their best with the most sophisticated equipment in the paranormal market to assist with clients who desperately seek answers.

Their mission is to provide assistance for people who are experiencing paranormal activity as well as providing assistance for spirits who have not yet crossed over.

Whats New

Hey Guys, Greg here, first and foremost I would like to extend an enormous thank you for all of the supporters for Lakeview Paranormal. We thank the guests that came out to all of the Hotel Conneaut Ghost Get-A-Ways, we thank all of the clients involved in doing private resident investigations, the people who make it possible to investigate popular locations that have been featured on television, the Lakeview Paranormal team and crew and most importantly to the believers, non-believers and the fans of our team and the field that we are engaged in. We cant show our appreciation enough. We sincerely apologize for going off of the grid for a while. Some members of the team have had some changes in their schedules which conflicts with investigation times. The Fall is approaching so we are gearing up for a fantastic season of experiences and hardcore evidence!

August 28th is just in a couple of weeks and for those of you who are following us knows what that means. Thats right, we get the opportunity of a lifetime to have a private paranormal investigation at the historic Mansfield Reformatory. Mansfield Reformatory was a prison built back in 1834 in Columbus, Ohio. It houses up to over 5,000 inmates at one time. This structure was also filmed in both The Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One. It is also a known location to shoot major music videos for Godsmack and Lil Wayne. Aside from that it is also claimed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country. Haunted by the inmates and prisoners from the past. We finally get the opportunity to see for ourselves what is really going on behind the concrete walls of this vacant, abandoned reformatory.

Dont forget that we are still the local paranormal team to host the Hotel Conneaut Ghost Get-A-Ways in Conneaut Lake Park. Details for those events will be posted soon so if you would like to be a guest at one of the most haunted hotels in the country and see behind the scenes what an actual paranormal investigation is like than keep checking the website as well as the Lakeview Paranormal Facebook Page for new information.

Lakeview Paranormal would like to give a tremendous thank you to all of the supporters of our team. We truly appreciate all of your dedication!

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