Welcome to Lakeview Paranormal

We are Lakeview Paranormal. A non-profit organization located in Northeast Ohio dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal and supernatural activity occurring in claimed haunted locations. We specialize in cases dealing with ghost sightings and paranormal activity occurring in homes, business or properties. We do several public events throughout the surrounding states of Ohio and have even been published in a book as well as several on-line articles. We use the most sophisticated scientific equipment during investigations to capture evidence and to provide proof that supernatural activity truly does exist and that it is all around us all of the time.

Lakeview Paranormal was organized in January of 2008 by Greg King based on two purposes. Primarily Greg organized this team to help people dealing with paranormal activity in their lives. He also would like to extend his beliefs and provide the truth within this highly controversial field. Melissa Bosley joined the team shortly after it was organized to assist in Greg’s epic journey into the darkness to find answers. Tina Hopkins recently joined the group and then John Bosley (Melissa’s husband) joined shortly after. David Ortega, one of Melissa’s co-workers was introduced to the team back in 2013 and has been a tremendous help during investigations. Laura Gramelt, who is our Historian, is the newest member of the team and we can’t be any happier with her research. Together they team up to investigate some of the most haunted locations in the country including Mansfield Reformatory, Buffalo Naval and Military Park, Hill View Manor and Prospect Place.

The evidence that they capture as well as the experiences that they all have had as individuals inspired them to search for answers and to find the truth behind the field of the paranormal. They will never consider themselves professionals. There is no such thing in this field because every team is constantly learning new things, including this team.

Their mission is to provide assistance for people who are experiencing paranormal activity as well as providing assistance for spirits who have not yet crossed over.

Whats New

Hey Guys, Greg here. Well its certainly been a few months since I’ve given everyone an update on whats going on with the team. We are happy to report that we have had two great Ghost Get-A-Way events at The Gibson House / Mark Twain Manor in Jamestown, PA. We are in the process of scheduling more events at that location. We had a great turnout and had some great experiences!

We have taken a little hiatus during the Summers only because (as most of you know) most of the places that host investigations do not have any AC. So it certainly makes for a very hot and uncomfortable evening for team members as well as guests especially setting up the equipment. But do not fear, we will be back at it again come late August, early September!

We are pleased to announce that we are hosting a public paranormal investigation at Madison Seminary in Madison, OH. We have investigated this location several times and have captured some of the best evidence in the 5 years that this team has been around. Tickets sell out at 20 people and so far we already have 10 guests attending so make sure you contact Madison Seminary and get your reservation booked! Witness what a real paranormal investigation is like and even get the opportunity to conduct the investigation yourself using our equipment! It is a great time and look forward to seeing you all there!

Lakeview Paranormal would like to give a tremendous thank you to all of the supporters of our team. We truly appreciate all of your dedication!

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